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Tank heating coils

The 1100 square feet of heating coil surface in our vertical tanks is significantly more heating surface than you will find in vertical asphalt storage tanks built by others. Coil heating surface area is directly related to how fast you can raise the temperature of asphalt in the tank. So when an asphalt supplier fills the tank with a “cold” load you won’t have long delays while it reaches the required temperature.

We achieve the extraordinary amount of heating surface by using finned pipe.

This reduces the number of coils needed and conserves space in the bottom of the tank. Coils without fins would occupy a significantly greater height in the tank and significantly reduce the usable volume of the tank.

Remember, the asphalt level in the tank needs to always totally cover the heating coils to prevent coking. So you always need to refill the tank before the asphalt level is lower than the topmost coil. Moreover mixers in tanks filled with PMAC do not work adequately when coils are several feet in height.

Just for the record the height of the two-layered finned coil above the bottom of our tank is only 11-5/8 inches. But if the same coils had no fins, seven layers with a height of 40-3/8 inches would be needed. The coils in some tanks on the market have much greater heights, which may severely limit the usability of the tank.

To appreciate just how much coil height affects usability consider that each inch of height above the coils in a vertical tanks is equal to 58.8 gallons.

So our heating coils are unmatched because they provide an extraordinary amount of heating surface while minimizing loss of usable space.