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Fireye Burner Logic controls

The Fireye controls we use are the most advanced controls available from Fireye. They are vastly superior to the controls others use, especially those that rely on status lights to indicate lockouts. There are no complicated codes for the operator to decipher.

The ones we use provide precise text messages that track operating events as they happen. The text messages also pinpoint any abnormal condition that causes a lockout or shutdown. When we say pinpoint we mean that it indicates exactly which one of nearly a dozen lockout devices caused the shutdown.

Some control systems don’t give any clue as to why the heater has shutdown. Others only indicate that the lockout is caused by one of the devices in the 3-P circuit, but do not pinpoint exactly which one is the cause. Consequently the operator may have to spend considerable time checking numerous devices to determine which one caused the shutdown. So our heater controls are unmatched when it comes to ease of use, something every operator welcomes!

Digital Pressure Switch

Our UE differential pressure switch is used to protect the heater coil in the event of inadequate flow of thermal fluid.

Inadequate flow can cause overheating that quickly destroys the coil. Maintaining adequate flow is critical for the long life of the coil. Coils can last 20 years or more if they are not subjected to overheating.

We now use the most advanced pressure switch available from UE. It is 100 % solid-state microprocessor based with a digital display. It is highly accurate and repeatable. It is also expensive. In years past we tried various pressure switches and none were equal to the switch we now use. So we know from experience it is unmatched and worth the extra cost!