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Steam Generators

Steam Generator

Steam is used to heat tank cars so they can be unloaded. Our steam generator is used to convert water into steam. The heat source for the generator is hot oil heated by hot oil heaters. The public utility system provides feed-water to make the steam.

The hot oil circulates through the tubes inside the steam generator. The tubes heat water surrounding them, converting the water into steam. Unlike a fired boiler, the heated tubes in the steam generator never get hotter than the hot oil flowing through them.

Steam generators have significant advantages over boilers despite initial cost differences. Steam generators eliminate explosion hazards commonly associated with boilers. And because steam generators are not fired, they are not subject to restrictions for fired boilers. Steam generators do not require a boiler operator, who (in most states) must be present whenever a boiler is in operation.

The steam system normally includes a de-aerator tank (see photo). The tank collects condensate (condensed steam) from the tank cars soe it can be turned back into steam.

De-aerator Tank