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Asphalt Storage Tanks

Our asphalt storage tanks are designed for storing liquid asphalt cement and PMA (Polymer Modified Asphalt). They are used mainly at hot mix asphalt plants, asphalt terminals, and asphalt roofing plants. They have evolved to a high level of perfection over the many years we have made them.

Our factory-built asphalt tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes. Capacities of our conventional tanks range from 10,000 gallons to 35,000 gallons. Larger models are also available.

Six inches of fiberglass insulation is our standard for tanks used to store asphalt cement. Tank tops and bottoms of vertical tanks are also insulated.

We offer the tanks in a variety of configurations: vertical, horizontal, portable and stationary. Many options are available, including mixers for PMA, radar level gauges and power-actuated valves.

Most of our asphalt tanks are heated by serpentine heating coils. Heated thermal fluid from a hot oil heater circulates through the coils to heat asphalt stored inside the tank. Our asphalt tanks are also available with electric heating elements. We also offer direct-fired tanks that are heated by a burner that fires directly into a fire tube mounted inside the tank.

Safety features include overflow protection and low-level controls that prevent heating a tank if asphalt level drops below the heating coils or fire tube.

Heatec can also provide components for large liquid storage tanks fabricated on site at terminals.