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Asphalt Emulsion Storage

We make a variety of tanks for storage of emulsions used in road construction. Some are used at emulsion plants. Others are used by HMA plants, paving contractors and State and County DOTs.

Storage capacities range from about 6,000 gallons to 35,000 gallons. Many are vertical tanks and heated by electric heating elements. Others are heated by either hot oil or steam. The tanks include controls that can be set by the plant operator to maintain the emulsion stored in the tank at a preset temperature. The tanks incorporate a float and proximity switch to prevent overflow when filling the tank.

Insulation is optional. Three inches of fiberglass insulation is adequate for tanks used to store most emulsions. The tanks are available with optional mixers to keep the material in proper suspension. Other options are available. We can customize the tanks to suit the needs of individual customers.

Heatec offers a special model that is specifically designed for state Departments of Transportation and county road departments. The model features electric heating and is mounted on vertical supports to facilitate gravity-fed off-loading. It is available with 6,000 gallon capacity.