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Aquatec Water Bath Heaters

aquatec bath heater


The heater is used to heat fuel gas at power generation plants, compressor stations and wellheads. The gas is heated before its pressure is reduced. Heating fuel gas while it is still at a high pressure keeps ice crystals and hydrates from forming in the lines when its pressure is reduced for combustion. Ice and hydrates can cause major damage to gas-fired turbines and other equipment. The heater is used to heat crude oil at offshore platforms and refineries. The oil is heated to reduce its viscosity so it can be easily pumped. Aquatec heaters are normally gas-fired. Outputs of our standard models range from 0.65 million to 9 million Btu/hour. They may be customized to suit your needs. They can be configured for use in hazardous areas (Class 1, Div.1 or 2) where safety is a concern. And they can also be designed to operate in isolated areas where electrical power is not available.

aquatec bath heater specs

How The Heater Works

Gas or liquid products are heated to 130–150 degrees F as they flow through tube bundles in the heater. The tube bundles are heated indirectly by a water bath that surrounds the tube bundles and the furnace tube. To avoid creating unwanted condensates, high temperature burner gases do not heat the tube bundles directly. If the high temperature gases were allowed to come into direct contact with the tube bundles (which are at a relatively low temperature), moisture in the gas would condense on the tube bundles and create a corrosive liquid. The expansion chamber stores water overflow created by expansion. It also serves as water saver by reducing evaporation.