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Typical polymer and emulsion blending systems

  1. Firestorm water heater. Heats mix water for emulsion.
  2. One water tank. For storage of heated water, an ingredient of the emulsion. The tank is insulated, has capacity of 5,000 gallons and has 40 kW electric heating elements. A pump is provided.
  3. Heat exchanger. Used to cool emulsion and to heat water.
  4. Two amino acid tanks. For storage of amino acid, an ingredient of the emulsion. Each tank is insulated and has a capacity of 8,000 gallons. A pump is provided for each tank.
  5. Acid tank. Stores hydrochloric acid, an ingredient of the emulsion. Capacity is 2500 gallons. It has two pumps. One is used to fill the tank. The other is used to transfer acid to the solution tanks.
  6. Two chemical tanks. For storing chemical solutions. Each has a capacity of 1500 gallons. One pump serves both tanks.
  7. Polymer hopper. Receives polymer pellets and feeds them to the mix tanks.
  8. Skid. Has an emulsion mill, a flux oil pump and two virgin AC pumps. All pumps have mass flow metering packages.
  9. Two mix tanks. For blending polymer and virgin asphalt to make PMAC. Each tank is insulated, has a capacity of 4,000 gallons and is heated by hot oil.
  10. Pump. For transferring PMAC from the mix tanks to the 35,000 gallon tanks.
  11. Hot oil heater. Heatec HC-200 helical coil heater. Has ouput of 2 milion Btu/hour. It uses side pumps for independent hot oil circuits.
  12. Warm oil skid. Blends hot oil (supply and return) to reduce its temperature for special use.