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Sock Filters

Sock filter and containment system

A basin we make to house a sock filter. It facilitates cleaning and replacing dirty filters. The basin has a compartment for solvent used to rinse filters.

Sock filters protect pumps, tanks, burners and other equipment from foreign material and sludge in liquids. They can be used with a variety of liquids. We highly recommend their use in thermal fluid systems and in fuel systems, especially those using waste oil.

They employ fabric socks to trap unwanted material and are more effective than most strainers. Whenever practical the filter should be installed in a fixed basin to facilitate cleaning or replacing the filter without overspill. A solvent, such as No. 2 diesel oil, can be used in one section of the basin for rinsing sock filters.

Sock filters at an asphalt terminal

Two sock filters in a fixed location. Two filters allows switching from one to the other without interrupting operation.

Sock filters mounted on a portable fuel tank

Three sock filters installed on a portable fuel tank. One protects the fuel pump. The other two protect the nozzles of the burner that uses the fuel. This arrangement allows switching from one filter to another without interrupting operation of the burner.