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Polymer Blending Systems

Non-portable polymer and rubber blending systems are used mainly at asphalt terminals and emulsion plants. Click here for information on these systems.

Portable systems are used at job sites in the field. They are discussed below.

Heatec portable polymer blending system

Portable polymer blending system. Blends SBS polymer pellets with virgin asphalt. Includes a tank for virgin AC, a pellet hopper, a conveyor, a mixing tank and a holding tank.

A thermal fluid heater mounted on the gooseneck of the trailer provides heat for the tanks.

Pellets make multiple passes through a mill that shears them into smaller pieces for optimum blending, which is also aided by elevated temperatures. The entire system is mounted on a trailer for easy portability.

Heatec portable asphalt-rubber blending system

Rubber blending system. A self-contained unit, trailer-mounted and powered by a motor-generator set.

Its booster heater raises the temperature of virgin asphalt prior to mixing. Its hopper feeds ground rubber into its pre-wet mix tank where it is mixed with the virgin asphalt. The mixture is piped to its two reaction tanks and held for usage. Its hot oil heater heats all tanks.