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Heater Economizers

Heatec Stackpack Economizer

Our Stackpack® economizer is a popular option for our thermal fluid heaters used at HMA plants. It preheats thermal fluid.

Our economizers recover heat from exhaust gases of the heater. This is heat that would otherwise be lost into the atmosphere. The recovered heat is used to preheat thermal fluid entering the heater. Another variation of the economizer preheats combustion air for the heater’s burner. Both types of economizers reduce the amount of fuel required for the heating process.
The economizer mounts in the exhaust stack and is offered as an option. It can also be retrofitted to existing heaters.

Economizer on a Heatec industrial thermal fluid heater

Another version of our economizer used mainly on large vertical heaters to preheat thermal fluid.

Economizer on a Heatec industrial thermal fluid heater

Two economizers enable this heater to achieve a thermal efficiency of 91.5 percent (low heating value). One preheats the thermal fluid. The other preheats the combustion air.

Heatec designed and built this unusual thermal fluid heater to heat special presses used to print food packaging. It is designed to fit into a building with very limited height.