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Asphalt Metering and Calibration

Asphalt metering systems provide continuous metering of asphalt cement while making HMA at drum mix plants. We offer two types of metering systems. One uses two pumps and is known as “a pump pushing a pump.” It is our most popular system and is economical. The other metering system is a commercial unit known as Micro Motion. It uses an advanced technology based on the Coriolis effect.

Our pump pushing a pump system can be calibrated to an accuracy of plus or minus one-tenth of one percent (0.1 percent). One pump is active and the other is passive. The active one is motor-driven and acts as a conventional supply pump. The liquid AC causes the shaft of the passive pump to rotate and operate an encoder. It generates a signal that provides flow information. A strainer is included. Although this system is highly suitable for use in making HMA, it is not certified for custody transfer.

The Micro Motion metering system can be certified for custody transfer.

Our calibration tank is used to calibrate the liquid asphalt metering system of a drum mix asphalt plant. It is available in vertical, horizontal and portable configurations with a capacity of either 500 or 1,000 gallons. A calibration tank can also be an integral part of a portable asphalt tank or as part of a heater skid.

The tank is mounted on load cells and has a LED readout. Jacketed asphalt lines on the tank are heated by hot oil provided by the thermal fluid heater used to heat other plant components. The tank is not insulated since it is not normally used for storage.