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Firestorm Water Heater for Emulsion Plants

Firestorm Water Heater for Emulsion Plants

Our Firestorm® water heaters are used at several emulsion plants, including the following:

  • Sloan Asphalt terminal, Union SC
  • BCI plant, Charlotte, NC
  • Georgia Emulsions plant, Perry, GA
  • Duncor Enterprises, Barrie, Ontario Canada

The heater provides direct contact heating. This a significant advantge when heating water to make emulsions because it heats water on demand (as it is used).

This eliminates the need for a large hot water storage tank heated separately. The supply of hot water from many hot water tanks cannot keep up with demand.

The Firestorm heater is available with capacities up to 36 million Btu/hour. However emulsion plants usually need no more than 6 million Btu/hour.

The thermal efficiency of Firestorm heaters is 99 percent. This provides major savings in fuel costs compared to heating water storage tanks.