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Polymer blending system at South Florida Materials terminal, West Palm Beach, FL

Polymer blending system at South Florida Materials terminal.
Unloading a bag of polymer pellets into the hopper.

The system was installed at the plant site by Heatec field technicians. Key features of this plant are as follows:

  • Bag hoisting system with motorized trolley
  • 150 cubic foot polymer hopper with air cannon to ensure uniform flow
  • Polymer auger
  • Two polymer blending tanks with mixers, 4,000 gallons each
  • 300 hp mill with cooling unit
  • Cross link pump and blending system
  • Three 35,000 gallon vertical asphalt that serve as let down tanks. Each tank has a mixer for final blending and a pressure transmitter for level indications.
  • Valves are motorized for remote control
  • Hydrogen sulfide safety alarm system
  • PLC control system with fiber optics

The bag hoisting system facilitates emptying the polymer bags into the hopper without use of a fork lift truck or box dumper.

Significant advantages of the PLC controls and fiber optics are as follows:

  • Immunity to lightning strikes.
  • No ground loops that can cause malfunctions because of stray signals or unwanted current paths.
  • Greatly reduces the number of conductors needed for control circuits.