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Polymer blending system, Asphalt Refining terminal, Douglasville, GA

Polymer blending system.
Polymer blending system with two 35,000 gallon let-down tanks.
Control panel for the polymer blending system.

A roof protects the polymer hopper from rain. Two mix tanks combine virgin asphalt with polymer pellets. An augur conveys the pellets from the hopper into the mix tanks. The mixture circulates through a mill that grinds the pellets into fine particles for a more uniform mixture.

After mixing and milling the concentrate is pumped to either of the two 35,000 gallon let-down tanks shown in the background. Additional virgin AC is added to the let-down tanks to make the final blend. These tanks also have mixers to prevent separation of the materials.

The control panel enables the operator to perform the following operations:

  • Mill material in a mix tank while adding polymer to the same tank.
  • Fill a mix tank with virgin asphalt cement and polymer simultaneously.
  • Mill material from one mix tank and return it to the same tank.
  • Transfer material from one mix tank to another while milling the material.