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Emulsion tanks at BCI emulsion plant

This plant has six emulsion tanks (shown of the left side of the photo). Each has a capacity of 20,000 gallons and stores emulsion for loadout. All six are heated electrically. Four are insulated and maintain a storage temperature of 140 degrees F. Two are uninsulated to accelerate cool down of fresh mix to 180 degrees F for delivery.

A special feature of these tanks are provisions for corrosion prevention. This is needed because of the corrosive effects of hydrochloric acid used in the emulsion mix. Interior portions of the tanks have multiple coats of a corrosion-resistant paint.

These tank also have a special provision for leak detection. Each has a double bottom. Consequently, if the bottom in contact with the emulsion develops a leak, it will be contained by the second bottom and can be detected before it causes problems.

All tanks have sampling valves. All have pressure transmitters for level indications.