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Asphalt storage tanks at BCI emulsion plant

Asphalt Storage Tanks

The BCI plant uses three asphalt storage tanks to store base asphalt used to make emulsions. Each tank has a capacity of 30,000 gallons.

Two of the tanks have mixers for use when the tanks are used to store PMAC.

Each tank has one thermometer mounted in oil-filled wells in the side of the tank for direct readings of temperature.

Each tank also has a thermocouple that provides signals for the temperature controller (and its display) located on the control panel at the tank. The controller provides signals for computer controls.

Each tank has a special sampling valve that facilitates taking small samples of liquid from the tank.

Each tank has an overflow pipe to keep the tank from being overfilled. The overflow pipe also serves as an air vent. The emergency vent is a safety feature that prevents pressure build-up inside the tank in case the overflow pipe becomes blocked. Excess pressure could rupture the tank.

One tank has a caged ladder. Two bridges interconnect the tops of the three tanks.

A special feature of these tanks are provisions for corrosion prevention. Interior portions of the tanks have multiple coats of a corrosion-resistant paint.