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Hot oil heater at Hudson Asphalt Terminal, Providence, RI

Asphalt Terminal Heater

Two Heatec HCI-10010-40 hot oil heaters are employed at the terminal. The heaters can be operated independently or simultaneously. Each has an output of 10,000,000 Btu/hr. The heating system uses Shell Flex 2310 thermal fluid at a flow rate of 700 gpm. The fluid inlet temperature for each heater is @ 442 degrees F. The exit temperature is 490 degrees F.

The helical coil of each heater is a dual circuit 4 inch schedule 40 SA-106, Grade B pipe with a manifold at the front and rear of each heater. The coils are stamped per ASME Section VIII, Division 1.

Each heater shell has a lining made from castable refractory material. It consists of dual component materials with 2.5” insulating layer and 4.5” top layer, for a total of 7 inches.

Each heater has a combination natural gas/oil burner, Webster Model HDRV5C-100. The primary fuel is #6, but #2 through #6 fuel oil can also be burned. The fuel can be switched to natural gas. Each heater includes a natural gas pilot, remote fuel pump and air compressor. A 10 hp blower motor is used on each heater.

A 5,000 gallon expansion tank is mounted on top of the pump skid. It includes a low fluid level switch and drain valves. Piping and valves allow the thermal fluid to be circulated through the tank.