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Hot oil heater at Lion Oil Terminal, Eldorado, AR

Asphalt Terminal Heater

The heater is used to heat a thermal fluid system that heats four asphalt tanks, each with a capacity of 150,000 barrels. It is built to ANSI B31.3 specifications and has an output of 23 million Btu/hour.

It has a economizer that recovers heat from the exhaust stack to boost thermal efficiency an additional 3 percent.

It has an Eclipse Vortometric 16V low NOx burner, which burns natural gas and waste gas. Its turndown ratio is 20:1

A 1500 gallon expansion tank is mounted atop the heater. The tank is built to ASME code for 150 PSIG @ 650 deg F. It includes a nitrogen system to minimize oxidation of the thermal fluid. The thermal fluid used is MultiTherm IG4.