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Fuel Storage Tanks

Additional Information

20,000 gallon fuel tank

A 20,000 gallon fuel tank at a HMA plant in Providence, RI. It has double containment and incorporates a pressure sensor for liquid level indications.

Portable 25,000 gallon fuel tank with fuel preheater

Portable 25,000 gallon fuel tank for a HMA plant in Lewiston, ME. The tank has a split compartment:10,000/15,000 gallons. The compartments have double containment with a double-wall bulkhead. A fuel preheater is mounted on the rear of the chassis.

Options include a mixer, pressure sensing level gauge, steel plate foundations, and tandem axles.

Portable 20,000 gallon fuel tank with hot oil heater and fuel preheater

Portable fuel tank with a capacity of 20,000 gallons. A hot oil heater mounted on the gooseneck provides all the heat for the fuel preheater, which is mounted on a chassis extension.

A fuel unloading pump and 3 sock filters are also mounted on the gooseneck. Retractable foundations facilitate fast setup.

Horizontal fuel tank with level gauge board

Horizontal fuel tank with gauge board for level indications.