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Asphalt Emulsion Storage

Additional Information

Electrically heated asphalt emulsion tanks

Heatec tanks at an emulsion plant in North Carolina. Tanks on the left are emulsion tanks and are heated electrically.

Heatec emulsion tanks

Heatec emulsion tanks at an emulsion plant in Perry Georgia. They are heated by hot oil.

Heatec emulsion tank at an emulsion plant

Emulsion tank at a HMA plant in Sims, North Carolina. It is heated electrically and is insulated. This tank is highly suitable for use by HMA contractors.

Heatec emulsion tank farm

This is an emulsion plant in Atlanta, Georgia. Seven of the ivory colored tanks at this plant are emulsion tanks. They are uninsulated and heated by steam.

Electrically heated asphalt emulsion tank

A 6,000 gallon emulsion tank at a county highway department facility in Gallatin, Tennessee. It has gravity-fed load out. The tank has four 1-KW electric blankets affixed to the bottom of the tank and has heating cables on its valves. Three inches of fiberglass insulation minimizes heat loss.

Electrically heated asphalt emulsion tank

An electric emulsion tank for a contractor in Staunton, VA. It has 12 kW heating elements and a capacity of 10,000 gallons. It has a 90 gpm pump for incoming loads, recirculation and off-loading.