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Asphalt Storage Tanks

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Four Heatec 20,000 gallon asphalt tanks

HMA plant in Maine. It has four Heatec asphalt tanks (ivory) and two fuel tanks (brown). The asphalt tanks have a capacity of 20,000 gallons each. One fuel tank stores 13,000 gallons. The other stores 20,000 gallons.

Heatec 30,000 gallon asphalt tanks with vent condensers.

Three asphalt tanks at a HMA plant in Chicago, Illinois. Each has a capacity of 35,000 gallons. These tanks are heated electrically. The vent condenser atop each tank is rated at 300 gpm.

Heatec portable asphalt tank and fuel tank

Portable tanks at a HMA plant in LaFayette, GA. The tank on the left is our Heli-Tank™. It has a hot oil heater and two asphalt storage compartments, each with a mixer. The tank on the right is a fuel tank with double walls for leak protection. It has a fuel preheater mounted on the gooseneck of the chassis.

Heatec 30,000 gallon asphalt tanks with custom paint.

A HMA plant in Raleigh NC. The three tanks in the middle of the picture are Heatec 30,000 gallon asphalt tanks heated by hot oil. We painted the tank skins to match the customer’s colors.

Heatec heating & storage system for liquid asphalt and fuel

A HMA plant in Des Moines, Iowa. The three tanks on the left are Heatec 35,000 gallon asphalt tanks heated by hot oil. The tank’s six inches of fiberglass insulation is covered by an aluminum skin. The skin is pre-finished with a durable baked-on ivory paint. This is our standard skin.

Heatec vertical asphalt storage tanks

A HMA plant in Round, Texas. The photo shows four Heatec tanks. The nearest three are 25,000 gallon asphalt tanks. The one behind these is a 20,000 gallon asphalt tank. All are heated by hot oil.

Heatec 25,000 gallon vertical asphalt tanks

Three vertical asphalt tanks at a HMA plant in Peroria, Ill. Each tank has natural aluminum skin and a capacity of 25,000 gallons.


Direct-fired asphalt storage tank

Stationary direct-fired asphalt tank. It has a capacity of 30,000 gallons and a 2 million Btu/hour burner. It has a scavenger system to heat thermal fluid that heats other plant components. An expansion tank is mounted on the tank for the thermal fluid system.