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Fireye® BurnerLogix™ Controls Upgrade Kit

Fireye Burnerlogix controlsIf you have a Heatec heater with Fireye® E110 Flame Monitor controls, now is the time to upgrade. These controls are out-of-date and are being phased out. They have been replaced by the more advanced Fireye BurnerLogix™ controls. All current Heatec heaters come with the these newer controls.

Costs for the older controls are increasing because they use obsolete components with limited availability. And available stocks may soon be gone. The good news is that you can easily retrofit your older heater with the newer controls.

So, if you want to avoid a shutdown at an unwanted time, don’t wait for your old E110 to fail. Instead, retrofit the new controls at a time that won’t delay production.

For instructions on how to retrofit the new controls
download the tec-note Retrofiting Fireye Burnerlogix Controls.

*Fireye and BurnerLogix are trademarks of Fireye, a UTC Fire & Security Company