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Mechanical Pump Seals

Stop asphalt pump leaks.

Replace packing glands with mechanical seals from Heatec.

Mechanical seals prevent leaks in asphalt pumps and meters. Unlike packing glands, mechanical seals use precision-machined facings to block leakage around the pump shaft.

Packing glands leak. And in addition to the mess, those leaks cost you money in wasted product. Cleaning the mess costs you money and time. And it costs to re-pack the glands. Over time, those expenses add up.

So stop those expensive leaks. Get mechanical seals from Heatec. Our service technicians can install them at your facility, or you can install them yourself. Heatec can even re-build your asphalt pumps at our factory, and install mechanical seals during re-build.

And, of course, mechanical seals are optional on new asphalt pumps and meters.

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