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Firestream Water Heaters for Fracking

Additional Information

All rigs are built on a trailer chassis for portability. They are designed to heat water as it passes through the heater from an external source for use elsewhere.

The heater has two helical coils interwound with each other. Both coils are always used simultaneously when heating water. Safety features prevent burner operation using only one coil. The coils meet ASME code and have a one year warranty.

Each rig has two main water inlet connections and two main water outlet connections.

The gen-set has a 200 kW electrical generator powered by a diesel engine. The generator set has its own tank for diesel fuel with a capacity of approximately 150 gallons.
Each rig has an air compressor.

Model Variations

The rigs are available in a variety of configurations. Two popular models are designated PFH-310-GO and PFH-310-GP. Those designated PFH-310-GO are configured for a burner that may burn either natural gas or oil. Those designated PFH-310-GP are configured for burner that may burn either natural gas or propane.

PFH-310-GP Models

Firestream portable rig componentsFirestream portable heater components

These models include an onboard 1,500 gallon propane tank and a vaporizer.

Connections for an external gas supply allow operation of the heater on natural gas. The unit can also be operated on propane provided directly from an external source.
The onboard propane tank supplies enough fuel to operate for about 2-1/2 hours. The primary use of the onboard propane is for startup and for use when awaiting arrival of an external source of propane.

The onboard propane tank has an air-actuated safety valve. Pushing one of the five emergency stop switches on the unit sets off a series of events that cause the safety valve to close and shut off propane to and from the tank. The valve will automatically reopen when the unit’s electrical power and compressed air system are restored.

When an external propane source is used to fire the heater, it can simultaneously replenish the onboard propane tank.

PFH-310-GO Models

Firestream frac water heater componentsFirestream frac water heater compontents

These models include three diesel fuel storage tanks.The three fuel tanks (a main and two saddle tanks)are interconnected and function as a single tank. They store fuel for the heater but can also provide fuel to operate the diesel engine of the generator. The main tank has a usable capacity of 1,450 gallons. Each of the saddle tanks has a usable capacity of 387 gallons.

The rig has connections for an external gas supply to allow operation of the heater on natural gas.

Other Features

Unit controls are in a UL approved NEMA-4 panel, which protects against windblown dust and rain, splashing water and hose-directed water.
Fireye™ burner management controls known as BurnerLogix™ provide proper and safe operation of the burner. They include a display, burner control, programmer, annunciator and flame scanner.

The burner control uses a microprocessor for its management functions. The processor provides the proper burner sequencing, ignition and flame monitoring protection.

Factory Testing and Startup

All Firestream rigs are factory-tested. We provide startup services with fees based on time at site plus travel time and expenses.