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Firestorm Direct Contact Heaters

Additional Information

Firestorm direct-contact water heater

Our Firestorm® direct contact water heater. The unit pictured here has an output of 6 million Btu/hour and is used at an emulsion plant in Perry, Georgia.

These heaters are available with outputs ranging from 0.75 to 36 million Btu/hour. They heat water on demand, providing a continuous supply of hot water at a constant temperature.

Firestorm heaters have extremely high thermal efἀciencies: up to 99 percent. They raise the temperature of water up to 185 degrees F at flow rates from 13 to 1200 gpm depending on heater size. Their stack temperatures are close to incoming water temperatures.

These heaters are suitable for use in many industries, ranging from food processing to the oil and gas industry.

Firestorm direct-contact water heater

The Firestorm heater pictured here is one of the larger units. Its output is 17 mil-lion Btu/hr and is used by an oil and gas producer.

Firestorm direct-contact water heater

A Firestorm water heater mounted on a small trailer. It remains on the trailer so it can be moved from one job site to another.

Firestorm direct-contact water heater

A portable water heating unit that is a completely self-contained. It has a heater that operates on LP.

Water from an external source is heated on demand as it is pumped through the heater to other equipment for dispersion. The unit has a diesel powered generator and LP tank.

Firestorm direct-contact water heater

A portable unit that combines water heating and storage. It has 30,000 gallon storage capacity. The unit has two burners, two million btu/hour each, two 24-inch fire tubes, and a single exhaust stack.