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Process Heaters

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Vertical process heater

Heatec helical coil heater at a chemical plant in Panama City, FL.

Its vertical configuration allows installation in extremely limited space.

This type of heater is popular for use at a chemical and petro-chemical plants. It can heat natural gas, thermal fluids, or other liquids.

Process heater used in food processing.

A process heater we built for food processing. It has a helical coil made of stainless steel. It heats vegetable oil that cooks food products.

Asphalt booster heater at an asphalt terminal.

A booster heater at an asphalt terminal. It is used to increase temperature of asphalt on demand as it is pumped through the heater coil to loading racks and into awaiting tankers. The heater can boost temperatures up to 80 degrees F above its inlet temperature.

This saves considerable amounts of energy because the asphalt is stored at a temperature somewhat lower than the temperature needed for delivery to HMA plants.

It can also be used at HMA plants to boost the temperature of asphalt while it is unloaded from a tanker or as it is used from storage tanks.

The heater can also be used to boost asphalt temperatures for polymer blending operations at asphalt terminals and roofing plants.

It has a helical coil that is easily drained after use.

Regen gas heater

Two Heatec REGEN heaters regenerate the gas treatment system at this gas processing plant in Bridgeport, Texas. Each heater has a helical coil and an output of 7.1 Million Btu/hr. One of the REGEN heaters is in the foreground.

The plant processes wellhead gas into pipeline-quality gas by filtering the gas through solid desiccants that absorb moisture. When desiccants become saturated with moisture and liquid hydrocarbons, they are regenerated by heating pipeline gas and piping it through the desiccants.

Helical coil reboiler

Helical coil reboiler. It is a fired heat exchanger that can be used in systems that process natural gas for pipeline distribution. It heats materials directly as they are pumped through its helical coil.

Two of these heaters may be used by a gas processor. One heats glycol to remove water it contains after it has been used to remove moisture from gas.

The other heats amine to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide it contains after it has been used to remove these contaminants from the gas.

Fire tube reboiler

Fire tube reboiler. Heatec makes this product in addition to the helical coil reboiler described earlier. It is a fired heat exchanger that can perform the same gas processing functions as the helical coil reboiler. However, it uses two fire tubes in a shell instead of a helical coil.

Each fire tube has a gas-fired burner, either forced draft (shown) or natural draft. The reboiler has natural circulation within the unit and does not require a booster pump. Thus minimal energy is required to operate the unit—an important consideration if it is used on an offshore platform or at a remote location.

Aquatec water bath heater

AQUATEC is the brand name we now use for our series of water bath heaters. They are designed to heat gas or oil circulating through them. They are gas fired heaters.

These heaters are used mostly to heat gas and liquids, such as crude oil, on offshore platforms, at refineries and at gas suppliers.

Heating gas before its pressure is reduced keeps ice crystals and hydrates from forming in lines when the pressure is reduced.

Heating crude oil reduces its viscosity so it can be easily pumped.

Aquatec water bath heater

This illustration shows components inside the AQUATEC™ heater. Its burner fires directly into a U-tube inside the heater shell. The shell also contains serpentine tubes and is filled with water that surrounds both the serpentine tubes and U-tube. The water transfers heat from the U-tube to the serpentine tubes, heating them indirectly without exposure to high temperature gases.

Water bath heater

Another version of our water bath heater for heating natural gas. It has a natural draft burner.