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Thermal Fluid Heaters -Additional Information

The following descriptions and photos illustrate just how extensive and varied our experience is with thermal fluid heaters.

0.7 million Btu/hr thermal fluid heater and 60 million Btu/hr thermal fluid heater made by Heatec.

This picture illustrates the differences in heater sizes available with helical coils. The large heater has an output of 60 million Btu/hour. The small one has an output of 0.7 million Btu/hour. They are also available in a vertical configuration.

Helical coil for a thermal fluid heater.

We make our own coils. This is a capability that most heater manufacturers lack. We can intertwine multiple helical coils to create additional fluid circuits to achieve an optimum fluid velocity. Our coils are built to ASME code. (Certification is optional.)

Multiple-circuit hot oil heater for use at asphalt plants

A helical coil heater for heating thermal fluid at HMA plants. Its three side pumps operate three independent circuits for maximum versatility. A Stackpack® economizer in its exhaust stack boosts thermal efficiency.

Skid-mounted thermal fluid heater

A thermal fluid heater, calibration tank, and metering system. All are installed and pre-piped on the same skid to make a compact package.

This simplifies initial setup at a HMA plant and can be moved easily if the plant is relocated to a new site.

Heatec Heli-Tank portable asphalt tank with hot oil heater

Our Heli-Tank unit for portable HMA plants. It is intended for plants frequently moved from one job site to another. It includes a thermal fluid heater, unloading pump, metering system, and asphalt storage tank on a trailer-type chassis.

The heater heats the asphalt tank as well as other components of the HMA plant. This combination significantly reduces the time and effort to move the plant to a new location.

Thermal fluid heating system for an asphalt terminal.

Thermal fluid heaters at an asphalt terminal in Rockmart, Georgia. Each has an output of 8 million Btu/hour. They heat 24,000 gallons of thermal fluid circulating through asphalt storage tanks with capacities totaling 85,000 barrels.

Thermal fluid heating system for a bulk-storage asphalt terminal.

A Heatec thermal fluid heater with an output of 16 million Btu/hr. It is at an asphalt terminal in Gallipolis, Ohio. The thermal fluid heats three asphalt storage tanks, 7 million gallons each.

The heater burns waste fuel No. 2–6 and has a clean-out compartment to facilitate removal of ash.

The system includes a 3,000 gallon remote expansion tank, a 20,000 gallon fuel tank for the heater, an electric trim heater to preheat No. 6 fuel oil from 50 to 250 degrees F, a duplex pump skid and an air compressor.

Thermal fluid heater with Stackpack economizer for improved efficiency.

Thermal fluid heater with Stackpack® economizer, insulated piping and auxiliary pumps at a roofing manufacturer in Griffin, GA.

Thermal fluid heater.

Helical coil heater built for a major manufacturer of roofing materials. It has an output of one million Btu/hour. Except for its expansion tank the heater is fully assembled on a single skid.

This is a 2-pass heater. It has a convection section with finned tubing for increased efficiency that equals or surpasses efficiencies of some 3-pass heaters. And unlike a typical 3-pass heater, it has a much lower radiant flux rate and easy access to the coil for maintenance.

Thermal fluid heater for heating marine cargo holds.

Our THERMECON heater specially designed to heat cargo on barges and other workboats. It heats a thermal fluid system that heats asphalt, heavy fuel, sulphur or phosphates.

This heater meets U.S. Coast Guard specifications. And it is certified by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) when requested by the customer.

The heater is designed to withstand the stresses produced by the constant pounding and vibration in normal waterway operation.

Its burner uses diesel oil, the universal choice for marine use.

Heatec THERMECON heater for barges and ships.

Another version of our THERMECON heater. It is built to exacting customer specifications. All components match the customer’s large inventory of replacement parts used on another heater brand.

Asphalt tanker ship with Heatec thermal fluid cargo heating system.

This asphalt tanker has three Heatec vertical heaters directly behind the pilot house. They maintain the cargo of 8 million gallons of liquid asphalt at 280 degrees F.

Heatec designed, built and installed the heaters when the ship was converted from a U.S. Navy fuel tanker. The heaters provide 15 million Btu/hour each and heat thermal fluid circulating thru 22 miles of piping in 14 compartments.

Thermal fluid heater

A 1 million Btu/hour heater at a concrete plant in Peoria, Illinois. It heats thermal fluid that is piped to coils beneath an aggregate stockpile.

Heating the aggregate facilitates making ready-mixed concrete in weather otherwise too cold for its production.

This heater can raise the temperature of 100 cubic yards of aggregate 40 degrees F in 8 hours. A 4 million Btu/hour heater does this in 2 hours.

HMO heater

HMO heater used to remove CO2 in the treatment of natural gas in Long Beach, CA.

It was designed to fit available space of 14 x 15 feet by specially arranging the platforms, pumps, piping, expansion tank, controls, etc. It is vertically up-fired with an output of 13.4 million Btu/hour.

It has 90 percent thermal efficiency, is safe to operate in an explosive atmosphere, and resists corrosion. Because of its intended location it was designed to meet strict limits on emissions and the ability to withstand an earthquake.

HMO heater

HMO heater with an output of 38 million BTU/hour. It is a two pass heater with four inter-wound helical coils. Each coil is approximately 10 feet in diameter and 39 feet long. The unit weighs 75,000 pounds.

The heater is used for gas processing and is one of six identical units we built for the same customer.

It has 90 percent thermal efficiency, is safe to operate in an explosive atmosphere, and resists corrosion. Because of its intended location it was designed to meet strict limits on emissions and the ability to withstand an earthquake.

HMO heaters

Two HMO heaters at a gas processing facility in Ringgold, Louisiana. Each has an output of 51.4 million Btu/hour. Burner gases make two passes through the heater.

An economizer in the exhaust stack of each heater recovers heat from exhaust gases to boost thermal efficiency. The heaters have four helical coils interwound with each other, providing a high flow rate.

Thermal fluid heating system for offshore platform.

Heatec heater on an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. It has an output of 5 million Btu/hour. Another is on a nearby platform. Both are used for processing crude and natural gas from wells beneath the ocean floor.

The presence of combustible gasses and oil create the risk of fire and explosion. Thus, the heaters, and all other equipment on the platform, has numerous safety features. Moreover, the equipment is built and finished to stringent specifications to resist rust and corrosion in an ocean environment.

Thermal fluid heating system for offshore oil drilling platform.

A heating system for processing oil and gas on an offshore platform in the Mediterranean Sea.

It includes two heaters, expansion tank and pump system, all skid mounted. Each heater has an output of 10 million Btu/hour.

The system is designed for an explosive atmosphere. Each heater has an internal CO2 snuffing (fire-extinguisher) system.

PLC controls are inside a NEMA 4X stainless steel panel with Z-type purging.

Seal-welding and special paints resist corrosion in a salt-water environment.

Thermal fluid heater system for offshore oil platform.

Skid-mounted heater used on an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. It is used in the production of natural gas by a major Mexican oil company.

An explosion proof NEMA 7 electrical panel is used for safe operation due to the hazardous environment.

Stainless steel fuel gas lines are used to resist the corrosive effects of sulphur in the fuel. Special anti-fungal paint is used to provide long life in a tropical climate subjected to salt water spray.

Thermal fluid heater for oil and gas production facility.

A very large 3-pass heater being shipped to an oil and gas producer in Singapore. Overall length of the heater is about 56 feet. Width is 11 feet. Height is almost 13 feet. Assembled weight is approximately 145,000 pounds. Burner output is 26.2 million Btu/hr.

Our 3-pass helical coil heaters are used in a variety of industries, especially where space is limited. (Despite the large size of the heater shown here, it requires much less floor space than a comparable 2-pass heater).

The heater has one helical coil inside another helical coil. Hot gases pass through the inner coil, turn and pass between the two coils, then turn and pass along outer diameter of the outer coil.

Horizontal & vertical versions have outputs from 0.7 to 60 million Btu/hour. These heaters do not require refractory insulation in order to burn waste oil.

Thermal fluid heater

A conventional thermal fluid heater at a chemical plant in Mobile, Alabama.

Thermal fluid heaters for power generation.

Two thermal fluid heaters are used at this power and light plant in Gillette, Wyoming. The facility uses two Heatec heaters to heat inlet air for their gas-turbine generators.

The turbine generators produce electricity to supplement power generated by older steam-powered generators in nearby facilities.

Heating combustion air prevents formation of ice during sub-zero or icing conditions. Ice can damage the turbines. The two Heatec heaters each produce 13.5 million Btu/hour.

Thermal fluid heater system for power generation plant.

An electric generating station in West Virginia. It uses a Heatec system to heat natural gas burned by turbine engines used to generate electricity.

Heating the gas prevents ice formation when its pressure is reduced for the engines. Ice can severely damage the turbine engines, clog fuel lines and freeze control valves.

The Heatec system consists of an 11.7 million Btu/hour thermal fluid heater, a heat exchanger, an expansion tank, a pump system and a control panel.

Thermal fluid heaters

Two of our thermal fluid heaters at an engineered wood facility in Eugene, Oregon. They heat presses that laminate wood components of joists.

Each heater has 6.5 million Btu/hr output and heats thermal fluid to 487 degrees F.

They have fully modulating burners with high turn-down ratios to allow for widely varying loads.

Heatec also furnished duplex pump skids with piping and filters.

Three pass helical coil heater

A 3-pass helical coil heater in a vertical configuration. The burner is mounted on top of the heater and is down-fired.

This style of heater is very small and compact for its output (1.7 million Btu/hour). And it provides very high thermal efficiency.

This particular unit is used by a major producer of engineered wood. Similar heaters are also used on offshore platforms and in the electronics industry for production of circuit boards.

Thermal fluid heater

A 1.4 million Btu/hour Heatec heater at a furniture manufacturing plant in Lexington, NC. It heats thermal fluid for presses that produce wood veneers for furniture.

The heater has a double wound helical coil made to ASME code. It has an outlet temperature of 450 degrees F.