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Burner Tuning

If the burner on your hot oil heater is out of tune, the heater isn't operating efficiently. That means it's wasting your fuel dollars.

How much money will tuning a burner save you? How about $860 a month? If you're using a 1 million Btu/hour hot oil heater and paying $2.00/gallon for #2 fuel oil, that's a likely scenario. If you're using a larger heater, or paying more for fuel (or both) you should save even more money.

Heatec's factory-trained technicians will come to your plant and tune the burner for improved performance and efficiency. We'll use a digital combustion analyzer to make sure it's tuned properly—because an improperly tuned burner is just as bad as an out of tune burner. We service all brands of hot oil heaters.

Do you know how to tell if your burner is out of tune? If not, click HERE.