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Viking Fuel Pump

Replace waste oil pumps often?

Get one that's built to last.

Many hot mix asphalt plant operators have found that using waste oil can save a lot of money. But they'll also tell you: waste oil will ruin average fuel pumps in a hurry. Some plants report having to replace a new fuel pump in as little as 8 weeks. Sometimes earlier.

That's why Viking and Heatec worked together to develop a heavy-duty pump for waste oil. This pump is designed specifically for pumping waste oil at hot mix asphalt plants. Its abrasion-resistant construction includes:

  • Dual-ball bearing supported rotor and shaft
  • Tungsten carbide idler pin and bushing
  • Silicon carbide-faced mechanical seal

The pump is also furnished with a 5 horsepower motor.

It's a field-proven design, with over 70 pumps put into service in the last 2 years. This pump is built to last longer than ordinary fuel pumps.

So next time you have to replace a fuel pump, get your money's worth: get a Viking fuel pump from Heatec.

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