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Minimal Field Assembly

All tanks require some assembly in the field when the tank is set up. But some tank manufacturers reduce their costs by leaving numerous parts to be assembled in the field by the setup crew.

For example, we have seen competitor tanks with ladder parts that required several man-hours of assembly work by the setup crew. This allows the tank manufacturer to reduce the selling price so the buyer gets the tank for less. But the buyer pays extra after the sale.

We try to minimize the time and effort required for field setup. For example we prefabricate ladders and handrails so they require minimal assembly in the field.

And we prefabricate interconnecting piping using jigs and fixtures to standardize fit up and reduce fit up labor in the field. Moreover, standardized fit up also facilitates adding tanks in the future.

The ability to ship components without incurring shipping damage is the major consideration for what we ship loose for field assembly. We don’t ship loose parts to save on manufacturing costs that the buyer pays for later during setup. This is just another area where our products are unmatched.

Well those are some facts behind the claim that our products are UNMATCHED.

Our goal has never been to make the lowest priced products. Instead, we strive for our products to be the best in quality and best value for the buyer.

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