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Stackpack heat recovery exchanger

Introducing the STACKPACK™ economizer. It can save you a lot of money.

It's a heat exchanger that mounts in the exhaust stack of your hot oil heater. Optional on new heaters. Easily retrofitted to Heatec and other heaters.

Uses hot exhaust gases to preheat thermal fluid (hot oil) before it enters the heater. Your heater does less work to heat the oil, so it burns less fuel. You'll save money on fuel costs.

Boosts thermal efficiency of hot oil heaters by 5% or more. That's 5-1/2 – 9% reduction in fuel usage. Easily saves you 9 gallons a day of No.2 fuel oil, even if your heater is already 80% efficient*. That's $472.50 a month in savings at $1.75 a gallon. Even greater savings for less efficient heaters.

The STACKPACK™ economizer easily pays for itself in one year or less for many plants. Heatec technicians can install it for you, or you can install it yourself.

*Based on a typical stationary plant with a daily heat usage of 17.6 million Btu, as described in our Technical Paper T-140, "Heating and Storing Asphalt at HMA Plants." Click here to download it for free.

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