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Three 20,000 gallon vertical asphalt tanks

THERMO-GUARD® is the trademark we use to distinguish our current line of vertical asphalt storage tanks. Heatec Thermo-Guard tanks have features that cut heat loss to an absolute minimum — at a reasonable cost.

The tanks are usually built to order and can be configured to suit your exact needs. Many options are available, including the mixing components for storing polymer modified asphalt cement (PMAC).

Advantages of vertical tanks
Vertical tanks minimize oxidation of the asphalt because the surface area of the asphalt in contact with air inside the tank is much smaller than in horizontal tanks. This is especially important for polymer modified asphalt cement (PMAC), which oxidizes faster because it is maintained at higher temperatures.

Another advantage of a vertical tank is the minimal ground area it occupies. Vertical tanks have smaller footprints than horizontal tanks. You can put four vertical tanks in the ground space occupied by a single horizontal tank.

The amount of insulation used on Heatec vertical asphalt tanks sets them apart from the competition. More insulation means less heat loss.

We fully insulate all tank surfaces. The top bulkhead has a double-wall that encloses 6 inches of fiberglass insulation. Outer surfaces of the side walls also have 6 inches of fiberglass insulation.

Unlike other manufacturers, we insulate the tank bottom. Its inner surface has 3-inch foam glass insulation with a metal cover to protect the insulation. This feature alone results in a significant reduction in heat loss.

The difference in heat loss of our 30,000 gallon vertical tank and one of our competitor's tanks is amazing. Theirs has no insulation on its bottom and only 4 inches of insulation on its top and sides. Theirs will loose 2.582 billion (2,582,000,000) Btu per year more than ours in 20 years! That is equal to 19,517 gallons of No. 2 fuel oil. Some tanks only have 3 inches of insulation and lose even more heat.

Read our techinical document titled Don't be fooled about insulation.

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