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Portable asphalt storage tank at a hot mix asphalt plant.

The Heli-Tank unit combines a hot oil heater with a portable heated asphalt storage tank. Available in six different sizes with capacities from 10,000 to 35,000 gallons. Numerous options are available.

Heatec also offers portable models of its Welbilt asphalt storage tank (without integral hot oil heater), and portable direct-fired asphalt storage tanks.

Heating coils
The storage tank of the Heli-Tank unit has serpentine heating coils. Liquid asphalt in the tank is heated by hot oil flowing through the coils. The coils are formed into three layers, each with ten coils. Coils are made from rugged 2-inch schedule 40 seamless pipe and run the full length of the tank or compartments. The accompanying table shows surface areas of the heating coils in each tank model.

Specifications subject to change without notice.
Key Characteristics of Heli-Tanks
Model Capacity
Length Height Axles Hot Oil Heater Foundations
HT-10P 10,000 231 sq ft 29' 0" 14' 3-1/2" Single HCS-100 3 29,800
HT-15P 15,000 380 sq ft 37' 0" 14' 3-1/2" Single HCS-100 3 37,200
HT-20P 20,000 529 sq ft 48' 0" 14' 3-1/2" Tandem HCS-100 4 46,800
HT-25P 25,000 679 sq ft 56' 0" 14' 3-1/2" Tandem HCS-100 4 54,980
HT-30P 30,000 828 sq ft 64' 6" 14' 3-1/2" Triple HCS-100 5 63,110
HT-35P 35,000 977 sq ft 72' 0" 14' 3-1/2" Triple HCS-100 5 78,240
Capacities shown are nominal capacities. Weights are approximate and include HCS-100 heater plus optional plate foundations (1,000 lbs each), metering package (1,550 lbs) and unloading pump package (1,050 lbs). Rear frame extension adds approximately 7 feet to overall length.

Hot oil heater
The standard hot oil heater for Heli-Tank units is a Heatec Model HCS-100. Other models are optional. The heater can be used to heat another coil tank, an asphalt metering package and liquid asphalt lines. When furnished with an optional manifold and auxiliary pump, the heater can also heat silo cones, traverse conveyor and a drag conveyor.

The heater has a highly efficient helical coil. Coils are built to ASME standards and can be code-stamped as an option. Coil has a 5-year warranty for HC-series heaters (3-yr. for HCS). Coils are stitch-welded to eliminate gaps between the turns so heated gases can't short-circuit and waste energy. Optional STACKPACK economizers further increase heater efficiency.

Heaters include insulated heat chamber, centrifugal pump and expansion tank. A low-maintenance burner and controls are also included. Standard burners use No. 2 fuel oil. Optional burners are available for natural gas or for combination gas/oil.

Interior view of portable asphalt tank Heatec hot oil heater with Stackpack economizer.
Internal view of Heli-Tank shows heating coils, level indicator and float, access ladder and mounting plate for mixer.
Heater on this Heli-Tank is fitted with optional STACKPACK economizer to boost efficiency and lower fuel consumption.


Hot Oil Heaters
Model Output
Fuel usage Recirculation
No.2 gph Gas cfh gpm gallons
HCS-70 700,000 6 910 100 100
HCS-100 1,200,000 11 1,560 100 175
HCS-175 2,000,000 18 2,600 150 280
HC-120 1,200,000 11 1,560 100 175
HC-200 2,000,000 18 2,600 150 280

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