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Horizontal asphalt storage tank with heating coils

Heatec Welbilt™ asphalt storage tanks are horizontal storage tanks that include heating coils for hot oil.

They are normally used to heat and store liquid AC, but can be used for other materials, such a heavy fuel oil. They come in seven different sizes with capacities from 10,000 to 40,000 gallons. Numerous options are available.

Portable models have a chassis for highway travel similar to the chassis of the Heli-Tank™. Stationary models have saddles that rest on foundations or on the ground.

Welbilt portable asphalt storage tank
Welbilt portable asphalt tank with optional unloading pump.

Standard skin is aluminum with an embossed natural finish. Astec ivory or other color finishes are optional. An 18-inch wide area along the top of the tank is reinforced to allow workers to walk on it without damaging the skin. End wall skins are made of steel for extra ruggedness.

Special features
A manway is located in the top of each compartment. An access ladder is provided on the outside of the tank and inside each compartment. Each compartment also has a combination vent and overflow pipe. A 3-inch plug valve in the bottom of each compartment allows it to be completely drained, which is necessary when polymer asphalts are used.

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