Direct fired asphalt storage tanks
Direct-fired asphalt storage tanks
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Direct-fired asphalt tank
Stationary direct-fired asphalt storage tank.

Heatec direct-fired asphalt tanks combine a burner and fire tube with a fully insulated storage tank. Available in 6 sizes with capacities from 10,000 to 35,000 gallons. Direct-fired asphalt tanks are available in stationary or portable configurations.

The burner is mounted externally on one end of the tank. It fires directly into a fire tube or heating chamber inside the tank. Three types of fire tubes are available. The fire tube heats asphalt cement surrounding the tube. If additional heating is needed for plant components the tank can use scavenger coils, which scavenge heat from the asphalt cement.

Portable direct-fired asphalt tank
Portable direct-fired asphalt storage tank.

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