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Warm oil pump skid at C. W. Matthews Rockmart Terminal

The warm oil skid diverts some of the oil from the main supply line of the hot oil system. It blends that oil with cooler return oil in order to lower its temperature for heating waste oil tanks and other components that need lower temperatures.

The skid is connected to the main supply and return lines. It has four pumps that circulate hot oil in four independent circuits. Having independent circuits provides maximum flexibility and ease of control. The system incorporates a 3-way modulating valve that provides precise temperature control and minimizes temperature overshoot.

Hot oil circulating in these circuits is maintained at a temperature of 350 degrees F. These four circuits heat the following items:

  • Asphalt piping and pumps for asphalt storage tanks.
  • Asphalt piping and pumps for tank cars and hot box.
  • Polymer blending system.
  • Waste oil storage tanks.