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Hot oil heater at Ergon asphalt terminal, Las Vegas, NV

Asphalt Terminal Heater

This Heatec heater is used to heat the terminal’s polymer blending system. It is a hot oil heater with an output of 8 million Btu/hour. The heater has a low-Nox burner for No. 2 fuel. It has a 2-pass helical coil for long life and ease of maintenance.

An air-to-oil economizer mounted in the exhaust stack recovers heat from the exhaust gases to boost thermal efficiency.

Its control panel complies with NEMA 4 and meets requirements of ASME CSD1, Controls and Safety Devices For Automatically Fired Boilers. It also meets the requirements of IRI (Industrial Risk Insurers). The panel is mounted on the heater.

A 750 gallon expansion tank is mounted atop the heater.