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Hot oil heater at Middleport terminal, Gallipolis, OH

Asphalt Terminal Heater

A Heatec 14010-50D hot oil heater with an output of 16 million Btu/hour was added at this terminal. It has a thermal efficinecy of 86% (LHV) based on a flow rate of 1178 gpm of Calorial HT43 entering at 378 degrees F and exiting at 450 degrees F. Stack temperature without economizer is 620 degrees F (net) at high fire.

The heater has a separate bottom trap/cleanout plenum underneath the shell and frame. A flue gas outlet of heater shell is on the bottom of the heater. The knockout box is insulated with poured refractory insulation and has bolt-on, hinged side panels for ease of cleaning.

The heater has a Hauck Beta Burner, 18.5 million Btu/hour (HHV) input. It has a turndown ratio of 5:1 while firing oil and 8:1 while firing gas. It uses a Hauck blower with a 20 HP motor.

The burner and fuel skid are mounted on a removable platform complete with access ladder and handrails. The burner operates on natural gas, #2 fuel oil, #6 fuel oil or waste fuel oil with intermittent gas pilot.

The system includes an electric trim heater with a capacity to preheat #6 fuel oil from 50 to 250 degrees F at at the needed flow rate for the burner.

Included is an air compressor with piping to meet burner design specs for atomizing air and sized to use air for lance ports if necessary. Fuel piping includes provisions for bypassing the trim heater if No. 2 fuel oil is burned.

A 3,000 gallon expansion tank is remotely mounted on a15 foot high tower.