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Expansion Tanks and Pump Skids

Additional Information

Thermal fluid expansion tanks mounted on heaters

Expansion tanks atop these three heaters are fairly small and do not significantly increase the package size of the heater.

Skid mounted expansion tank for thermal fluid heater

The expansion tank for this heater is mounted on a separate skid along with the pumps. The skid can be located nearby at a convenient location.

Thermal fluid expansion tank at an asphalt terminal

Expansion tank at an asphalt terminal. It is remotely located outside of the building where the heaters are located.

Only one expansion tank is used for the thermal fluid system, even though the system has two heaters. (One of the two heaters serves as a backup heater.)

Insulated expansion tank

An expansion tank insulated as an extra precaution against burn injuries. Location of the tank and the need for personnel to work nearby are key factors in determining the need for insulation.

Thermal fluid heater and pump skid

Pump skid at a roofing manufacturing plant. It is used with the Heatec thermal fluid heater shown. It has four main pumps and a backup pump. The backup pump can be switched on when any one of the main pumps needs to be shut down.

Thermal fluid heater and pump skid

Pump skid for a major roofing manufacturer in Sylacauga, AL. It has three pumps for the thermal fluid system. One is for backup.