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Process Heaters

Related Literature

HCI Heaters: Helical Coil Heaters for Industrial Applications

Heatec vertical and horizontal helical coil heaters for use in a broad variety of industrial processing applications

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Aquatec™ Water Bath Heaters

Heatec's line of water bath process heaters

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EHI Heaters: Electric Circulation Heaters for Industial Applications

Heatec electric heaters can be used to heat thermal fluid that heats other plant equipment. Or they can be used to directly heat a liquid or gas product that  flows through the heater, including chemicals, oil, water, air, nitrogen and steam.

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Heatec Products and Services for the Food Industry

Heatec's line of products and services used in commercial food processing

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Heatec Heaters on Land and Sea

Heatec heaters used in a diverse range of industrial processes and locations

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Helical Coil Reboiler

Heatec helical coil reboilers

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Fire Tube Reboiler

Heatec fire tube reboilers

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Heatec Convectec Heater Avoids High Film Temperatures

Heatec Bulletin describes the operation and benefits of the Convectec all-convection heater

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Miscellaneous Tec-Notes

Heatec technical documents, including those related to process heaters

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